5 benefits of having a nurse call system

Technology is getting more and more advanced everywhere, and the healthcare department is not different from the scene. The advanced nurse call system is one of the substantially developed technologies that help hospitals and other medical facilities. Patients are important for doctors than anything else. Responsible doctors better know this; one moment-delay can bring heavy consequences and unimaginably change a person’s life.

Time is what is considered substantial in the medical industry and this is why they don’t spare a minute when meeting patients’ needs and doctors’ instructions. With a nurse call system equipped with NDA0100 in hand, a medical person can assure many advantages.

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Healthcare sector 

Medical staff is always busy and alert in a hospital setting. Nurses need to be immediately available when doctors call them or patients need them. A nurse call system equipped with an NDA0200 battery charger helps the staff team to contact immediately. It sends alert messages to nurses for immediate response. This adds to the convenience as well.

Fast communication 

A well-equipped nurse call system decreases the workload of the IT staff too. Information Technology department is responsible for the data transfer between doctors, nurses, and patients. A nurse call system eliminates the need for extra staff to locate a nurse. Since the nurse call system is fully automatic, the IT department does not need to provide extensive training to their staff.

NDA0200 battery rebuilt

Reduces the burden on other staff

A good system manufacturer would consider the demands and needs of the medical industry and offer a nurse call system with the necessary features. These mechanisms are professionally installed at healthcare facilities and if the building already has the facility but needs more features, it can also be done. Besides this, a nurse call system can be extended to fit into a wider area.

Great Adaptability 

Nurse call systems equipped with a rebuilt battery charger can easily connect with other mechanisms of the building to offer even better services and solutions. For example, if you link a video surveillance system with the nurse call system, it can provide the footage of rooms with cameras to the medical team during an emergency. Similarly, the system can optimally work with other mechanisms for advanced benefits.

Excellent integration 

A nurse call system with an integrated rebuilt charger brings many benefits. It is easy to link with other technologies such as video surveillance for added benefits and features. No store should be left unturned when deals with health as it is the matter of providing the best services to victims. This system may seem to be expensive in the beginning, but it will turn cost-effective in the long run. This saves the medical department from further expenses.

There are many manufacturers providing nurse call systems and other mechanisms of varying quality at different price rates. It is vital to choose the best quality product to avoid future hazards. So, search a lot and pick up the most reputed and reliable manufacturer to buy the best quality nurse call system.

Significance and advantages of a nurse call system

Indeed, technology is vital and substantial in the hospital setting; it can be a technical use to decrease labor or analyze more precise results or to help patients through their stay in the hospital. The drastic developments that technology brought cannot be unnoticed. The nurse call button rests at the head of every bed to let patient alert nurses or other health staff for immediate response. So, all new and existing hospitals need to aware of the benefits that nurse call technology offers.

NDA0200 battery rebuilt

Importance of the nurse call system 

Enhanced communication 

Once nurse call systems got implemented, there is an increase in the quality of communication. Equipped with NDA0100 rebuilt battery and an advanced messaging system, nurse call technology can automatically and immediately forward messages to nurses and doctors about patients’ condition and whether a doctor’s help is needed or not.

More data to nurses

Text messages or audios forwarded to nurses or doctors can inform them about the immediate nature of the call. For example, “fall alert in Room 128” or code blue in room 145”. More data is provided if the nurse call system is connected to heart monitors and other types of equipment. This informs nurses during severe conditions such as high fever or patient arrhythmia.

Enhanced patient satisfaction

Patients are given adequate, efficient, and quick care and that makes them more relaxed, comfortable and in turn, adds to their recovery chance. Besides patients, a nurse call system keeps the environment more comfortable for doctors as well. It eliminates a lot of stress when implementing in a hospitable environment.

NDA0100 battery rebuilt


Immediate response 

The clearest advantage of a nurse call system that is equipped with NDA0200 rebuilt battery is the prompt and timely care to patients. If this is a necessity, medical staff can be sure of getting a precise warning. Besides this immediate response, a nurse call system makes the job more comfortable and enjoyable for the whole medical team.

No disturbances 

A well-equipped nurse call system decreases the number of disturbances that a patient can create. The system features a natural discrete nature that allows less distraction in the workplace. It helps the medical team to stay organized with their patients through immediate communication during or throughout the day.

Simple to use 

Hospitals deal with the lives of many people every day, so every second is crucial for them and can make a difference in their life. This is why nurse call systems are fast, easy to use, and highly efficient. It has a simple interface that needs little technical knowledge to start using it. It does not have wires hanging out in the open space, and nurses can simply wear the device to make alerts more immediate.

Thus, it is clear and evident that a nurse call system has many crucial importance and advantages to consider. So, consider implementing it in your hospital environment. There are many companies and brands selling nurse call systems to choose from. Choose the best to enjoy the best.

Advanced nurse call solutions for improved healthcare

Advanced technology in nurse communication systems has improved and streamlined a customized communication among nurses, patients and clinicians and that help enhance quality of care as well as patient satisfaction. Mobile handsets is really improved the effectiveness of call system by adding real-time communication and information capture to watch the activities of both staff and patients. A few examples of advanced technology include session initiation protocol and voice over internet protocol and these mechanisms enable nurses for immediately communicate with their patients and also one another.

Improved functionality

Earlier, nurse call systems were limited in their functionality to some extent. Development of smart digital systems likes NDA0100, nursing has been simplified as they are enabled to have intra and inter team communication, integrated access to clinical information and patient triggered calls. Today, nurses want more than single point communication devices, they look for a communication and collaboration platform that makes a link between them and also to the data.

NDA0100 battery rebuilt

In intensive care units, patients are shifted between departments and handed off to various care teams. It is essential for caregivers to access each other quickly and share data in a secure manner. NDA0200 is a battery rebuilt system that is fundamental for nurse communication system. It makes nursing workflow well integrated and advanced and mobility software/hardware service providers integrate advanced features with each other.

Nurse call system enables them to look at a variety of patient data platforms at one device through app functionality. Hospitals request for advanced and long lasting battery rebuilt systems as they want to work multiple systems together in order to help manage the patients and nurses. When it comes to take a proper decision, it is importance to get all of the important data related to the patient around all systems.

To obtain those improvements, you need to leverage all of the disparate mechanisms. And this is why brilliant nurse call solutions have been introduced and those advancements make bed integration, phone integration and integrate the details directly to electronic health records. Advanced technology integration offers mobility and data to various medical facilities in a quick manner.

NDA0200 battery rebuilt

Battery rebuilt systems enhance the life circle of nurse call solutions and those enable caregivers to monitor staff activities both planned and unplanned. This allows assessing and monitoring total staff time needed for each patient. When your nurse call solutions demand a service to last more, you have to consider looking at online service providers that offer battery rebuilt services at affordable price rates.

There are many online service providers to choose from. You have to be very clever in choosing the best and most affordable service provider for your nurse call solutions. Look at online review sites and read some authentic testimonials to get a clear idea about the kind of services theses companies offer. Consider the fees they charge for battery rebuilt services and solutions. Reputed companies have a good collection of batteries and other solutions that are essential for nurse call system.

Vital nurse call system assistance and maintenance

Nurse call solutions have become fundamental for healthcare. It is important for nurses and staff team to look after patients in the best possible manner. It easily integrates patient health reports as well as staff functions to electronic system for future reference. Since nurse call solutions offer vital assistance at the needed times, it is essential to repair and maintain these mechanisms to the highest standard.

NDA0200 battery rebuilt

This is where knowledge and experience in healthcare maintenance solutions comes into the scene. An experienced and reputed service provides can offer you matchless after-sales support and services. Annual maintenance contract provided by a reputed service provider will include different maintenance packages and utilize a team of trained and experienced service engineers that are specialized in wireless nurse call systems. It is more like an aid call maintenance solution that provide you benefits like;

  • Less call outs
  • Programmed services and less running costs
  • Advanced software updates keep your nurse call system up-to-date with important updates as well as changes in statutory or legislation requirements.
  • Improved life expectancy to the system
  • Systems and solutions are well equipped to keep in line with manufacturer recommendations as well as to comply with regulations.
  • You are given a team of well trained and experienced engineers who carry system spares for immediate repair.

If you are looking for peace of mind in case of managing nurse call solutions, you have to choose a package that suits your needs the best possible manner. Look for packages specially made to provide you safety compliance and a rebate on engineer call out. You can go for this if you want a basic service only. Prime package includes a comprehensive plan that covers engineer call outs, labor and parts. If you want absolute peace of mind, then go for premier package as it offer 24/7 response service, annual health checks on parts, battery replacement on NDA0100 and NDA0200.

A reputed service provider will provide you packages that include a variety of personal beliefs for helping clients with the level of care they anticipate. Your major concern can be compliance, functional efficiency or absolute peace of mind. Authentic service providers offer additional services that include preventative maintenance visit and that offers one visit in every year to check and ensure battery replacement, testing on call points, software updates, a complete system check, and provides you with a service certificate.

There are many service providers in the online platform that offer premium services and solutions for nurse call systems. You have to choose the most reliable and reputed service provider from the bunch and take advantage of quality services. Consider reviews and testimonials of previous clients to get a clear idea about the level of services a particular service provider offer. Check at any reputed online business bureau to get fine information about ratings of online service provider that you wish to choose. Maintaining your nurse call system is vital for nursing assistance, so ensure that you have assigned the right team for the job.

Nurse patient communication system

A first classification of the sealed call cord systems should be done based on the ability or not to speak to the resident when an alarm occurs.

It is also convenient to take into account the existing infrastructure in the building: data network, telephone exchange, electricity, etc. According to this information, it may be of interest to call nurse systems without installation, a system that uses the existing data network, a system that integrates or not with the telephone exchange, etc.

In addition, it is convenient to decide how to interact with the sealed call cordsystem and the degree of integration of nursing care performed in the room. Thus we can go from simple systems with presence and cancellation buttons, to nurse call systems that have a screen and keyboard for care management.

Finally, you must decide what optional features we include in the system, such as:

  • Register staff presence: button, PIN or RFID card.
  • Care registry: Basic or advanced.
  • Traditional power or PoE.

Advanced functionalities

The markets to incorporate advanced features such as hospital management, intelligence, processing capacity and data storage at the bedside into nurse call systems. Likewise, it is the first to have fully autonomous patient stations, not dependent for their operation on central server or controller elements.

Sealed Call Cord (Infection Control) 8ft

Other advanced features are the management of nursing care plans, the administration and verification of medications or diets, the collection of vital signs, etc., which can be consulted and managed from the head of the bed.

In this way, sealed call cord systems achieve a significant technological leap from a simple nurse call system to offering a set of tools capable of managing medical alarms, avoiding human errors and automating hospital environments.

Common infrastructure

Nursing call systems have undergone a significant evolution in the last 20 years. Until recently, it was normal for systems to have no integration with the building infrastructure. They were treated in isolation by installers and system engineers.

Solutions that cannot be part of a common infrastructure with other platforms in the facility are currently not understood. The new systems that use the TCP / IP standard share infrastructure and the costs derived from their installation.

Now if it is possible to find on the same infrastructure the network of computer equipment, public address systems, CCTV, access, intercom, telephone, and of course a call to the infirmary, among others.

Critical communications

The communications produced between patients or residents and the nursing staff is in many cases mistakenly treated, as one more call, without control mechanisms.


One of the problems that traditional systems carry is their absolute dependence on external elements for the management and operation of the platform. Either through hardware devices as coordinating elements, through telephone exchanges for call management or through the software itself, they depend on external equipment.

The sealed call cord nurse call systems have been designed to operate under the concept of distributed intelligence, that is, each Patient Station has processing capacity and can operate at full capacity even in the event of a computer server failure. In addition, voice systems do not require a telephone exchange or call management software; they are systems with autonomous operation capacity.

Traditional nurse call systems versus a wireless nurse call system

In most cases, seniors’ residences have old nurse call systems, dating from before 2010, which consist of a system of wired cords, and possibly lighting in the corridors. The nurse call system can still work, but breakdowns are becoming more frequent and replacement parts are expensive. So why should you replace a nurse call system that still works? Because you’re old traditional wired cord system provides a false sense of security and puts the safety of your residents at risk.

Traditional nurse call systems versus a wireless nurse call system

Traditional nurse call systems serve a limited area in a residence and are useful only if a resident in distress is near a call cord. In other words, traditional nurse call systems offers a fake sense of safety, as they are often out of arrive at when required. In addition, some cords in an aging system may not work at all.

Take a single room typical of your establishment. If one of your residents falls into their room and is unable to get up, can they reach the cord to call for help? If the reply is “no”, you must improve your arrangement.

The best option to replace a traditional system is a covid=19 temporary wireless nurse call system. Wireless systems have resident-worn devices that provide access to help no matter where the residents are. When a person needs help, all they have to do is press the button on their device and the staff are immediately notified. From a safety point of view, it is imperative to change your cord system for a wireless nurse call system!

Covid-19 Temporary Wireless Nurse Call System

Cutting-edge nurse call system technology

The covid=19 temporary wireless nurse call system is newest nurse call system. Wireless devices provide access to assist staff and occupants wherever they are within the facility while maintaining a very accurate location. Our high-precision location-based system sends smart and proactive alerts when it detects resident inactivity, specific interactions, and more.

When a resident requests help, the staff receives an alert via the mobile app and informs them of the name, location and time of the call in need of help. When staff respond to the resident’s request for help, the system detects the presence of the staff member’s device in the immediate vicinity of the resident and automatically indicates that the call has been answered. The system records detailed information on the movements of residents and staff, intervention time, frequency of calls and duration of calls. This is helpful when it comes to investigating, making improvements, meeting families and making refunds.

The covid=19 temporary wireless nurse call system provides retirement homes with tools to improve the safety of residents and their operational performance.

Tip:  If the nurse call system is aging, schedule a biennial notification to check all components of the nurse call system to make sure it works. This check can save lives! Even better, take it to the next level and receive smart alerts when the device stops responding or the battery needs to be replaced.

Coronavirus transmission: how to protect yourself from coronavirus?

The new covid-19 coronavirus is highly contagious. This explains the speed with which it has spread around the world. However, there are measures to protect against it and thus control the spread of the epidemic.

What is coronavirus?

Coronaviruses  covid-19 are a family of viruses that can be pathogenic for humans and animals. In humans, several coronaviruses can cause more or less serious respiratory infections. These range from the common cold to more serious conditions like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

On January 9, 2020, a new coronavirus was discovered in China, in the city of Wuhan. It is SARS-Cov2, responsible for coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). The first man to contract Covid-19 was reportedly contaminated by an animal because SARS-Cov2 is similar to a virus already identified in a bat. The animal responsible for transmission to humans has not been confirmed. However, several studies mention the pangolin as an intermediate host between the bat and humans, a small mammal eaten in southern China.

Coronavirus transmission

Coronavirus symptoms are manifested by:

  • fever ;
  • cough and sore throat;
  • respiratory discomfort;
  • headaches ;
  • fatigue

It is transmitted from human to human by the projection of contaminated droplets (saliva, nasal secretions) when the person coughs or sneezes, and by a prolonged face to face (at least 15 minutes) with a person located less than a meter from you. The Institut Pasteur recalls that “in the absence of control and prevention measures, each patient infects between 2 and 3 people”.


There are still many misconceptions about the means of transmission. It is therefore important to remember that covid-19 is not transmitted by Chinese food , packages from China, money or even mosquitoes.

Protect yourself from covid-19

In the absence of control and protection measures, the risk of contamination of the coronavirus from one person to another is significant.

It is possible to reduce this risk through simple actions:

  • wash your hands very regularly with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution. Washing kills the virus if it is on your hands.
  • cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a disposable tissue.
  • use only disposable tissues that you throw in the trash after use.
  • stop shaking hands and kissing to greet others.
  • do not put your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes. If the virus is on your hands, it can enter your body through these holes.

stand more than a meter from a person who coughs or sneezes If you are standing less than a meter away, you can inhale the droplets containing the virus (if the person is a carrier).

Stay at home in the presence of symptoms characteristic of covid-19.

Find out about the regions where the virus is actively circulating and avoid going there.

If someone you know is infected, avoid being around them during their quarantine period. If you have been in contact with him, stay confined to your home for 14 days as well as the people with whom you have been in contact yourself.

What Is A Sick Call System And What Are Its Usages?

This device allows patients in care establishments (rest homes, care homes, hospitals, and retirement homes) to alert staff if they are in difficulty.

Patients activate Jeron 13665B equipment (pear, remote control, zipper) present in their room (near the bed, sanitary facilities, etc.), which remotely signals that they need assistance thanks to a system of LEDs (light-emitting diodes).  From now on, the equipment can differentiate the calls made from the sanitary or the bed, allowing better targeting by the health personnel.

When an alert is activated, an indicator light appears in the room of nursing staff and sometimes on a pediment of a door of the room concerned. Thanks to newer technologies, these calls can also be transmitted to staff mobile phones.


These phones are called DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone), that is to say, that they meet a specific standard and operate on a frequency range from 1 880 to 1 900 micro hertz. It is also possible to use Wi-fi technology or paging (beeps or pagers).

Nowadays, the indicators are more precise and allow them to have a faster reaction and adapted to the situation. The staff can immediately see the urgency of the call signaling whether a team has already moved, has taken care of the patient, or if a team is still on-site and requests reinforcement, etc. thanks to the color or the flashing of the LEDs.

The sick call (or nurse call) works either with wired equipment (wired nurse call) or wireless equipment (wireless nurse call), with radio frequencies. Wired equipment requires a longer installation than wireless. However, it is considered to have better reliability and therefore avoids electromagnetic pollution.

Also, there is the possibility of making use of the pre-existing cable installation, which makes it possible to reduce the time of installation of the material but also its cost.

These nurse call devices not only give the alert, but they also make it possible to analyze the statistics of the service:

  • Several calls and nature of calls per day/month/service
  • Which patient? How frequently?
  • Staff response time.

What response did the staff give to the alert (room transfer, telephone call, etc.)?

Also, new and more advanced nurse call systems have appeared on the market in recent years. Patients can have pendants, bracelets, or watches with which they can report an emergency wherever they are on the premises of the establishment.

These devices are, for the most part, equipped with geolocation equipment allowing patients to be helped even if they are not in their room.

This new technology has two main advantages:

  • It allows staff to maintain their mobility while ensuring the safety of patients in the service through better responsiveness (patient rescue wherever they are, better readability on the location of patients, etc.),
  • It allows patients to feel safe when they leave their room because they know that the staff can intervene if an emergency occurs in an elevator, the garden, etc., this system thus offers them a marked improvement in their quality of life.


Guide to buying a medical alarm system for the autonomy of the elderly

Home automation and home security systems now offer high- performance devices for the elderly or people losing their independence.

Several devices like rauland responder 4 are available: consoles, wall transmitters, pendant panic buttons, bracelets with alert button, medical alarm integrated into the remote monitoring system, fall detectors, etc. The choice is vast, and being well advised is not superfluous.

How to buy an individual alert system for the aged?

Medical alert systems help seniors be better protected and better-taken care during emergencies.

rauland responder 4

Although they may appear to be gadgets or simple little accessories, personal security systems can become technically and financially burdensome if they are not chosen well. Not all systems are the same. You have to know how to ask the right questions, target your needs, and choose an appropriate solution.

Is the equipment guaranteed?

A large number of functions and features of an alert device may be of interest. However, it is imperative that you also receive guarantees regarding the reliability and durability of the device.

If the manufacturer or the specialist trade does not include in the price of the device (console/panic button, for example) a minimum guarantee as to its operation, there is reason to be wary. Any alert device is not completely immune to a malfunction, a bug, or a battery problem. Without a guarantee, renovate expenses can be high.

Are the medical bracelets still on during a power outage?

Normally yes. A medical alert device for the elderly can operate continuously thanks to batteries that take over when necessary. Always check with the seller or technician before purchasing your device.

A lithium battery in this type of device has autonomy of 4 to 5 years. Check the batteries if there is no level indicator.

Weather conditions such as snowstorms, hurricanes, heavy rain, etc. may cause a power failure. With a good security system, you will never lose communication with your emergency monitoring centre.

Mode of operation of an emergency bracelet (alert button)

Remote monitoring (or remote assistance) for the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with reduced mobility are increasingly happening through the use of emergency bracelets. All can thus retain their independence, their autonomy longer or more easily.

These safety bracelets (or pendants) effectively connect the people who wear them to a remote assistance centre. They can give the alert simply by pressing the large button built into the bracelet.

  • The distant monitoring is in process 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Emergency bracelets for the elderly often include a fall detector.

The most popular personal alarm systems

Portable medical alert buttons are available in different shapes and models. These include pendants to wear around the neck, conventional wrist bracelets, emergency buttons to wear on the belt (pliers), and buttons integrated into key chains.

Some of these products are waterproof; you can wear them in the shower or while taking a bath. The buttons are generally well embedded in bracelets or pendants so that you do not accidentally push them (false alerts).


How to Improve Efficiency in Hospital

Every investment in healthcare is justified. Most of the expense in a health care facility like the Rauland responder 4 is on labor. Investing in a good system will ensure that you get to increase efficiency in your hospital. The new technology provides time savings. If you are thinking of buying a nurse call system, you need to know of ways to increase its efficiency.
Information in a healthcare facility has to be relayed among patients, nurses, doctors, radiology and labs. Sending the information in the right ways ensures that the patient is well cared for. However, there are communication systems are not functioning properly, the patient can be affected and even the information gets lost.
Investing in an effective clinical system makes it possible to get the right information across. When there is an effective system, it makes it’s easy for the patient monitor alarms, test results, bed rail alarms, messages and nurse call alerts can be sent to the appropriate staff through their Wi-Fi phone, smartphone, pager or tablet. There are ways you can use to increase efficiency in the nurse call system.
Through the nurse call button
Clinical alerting connects all the monitoring systems in the healthcare facility to the clinical staff. You can connect the patient monitors, respirators, bed management systems,
Ventilators, patient monitors to send alerts to the staff. Having meaningful communication is on all the hospital departments to provide better patient care. There can be repercussions when the information in the hospital is miscommunicated.
Reduce alarm fatigue
It is common to hear beeps and see flashing lights when you walk in a hospital. These mostly fire at the same time. Such beeps and buzzes can affect the patient’s sleep and the nurses can also become immune to these sounds. Nurses are left answering calls that were supposed to be answered by other staff.
They can also miss out on some important alerts. Having a good clinical alert system reduces the harmful effects caused by alarm fatigue. The appropriate staff will get alerts on the needs of the patient. The alerts will no longer be disregarded. The clinical setting also ensures that alarm notifications are sent to smartphones, telephones, pager, and tablets to the right staff.
Better alerting
You can achieve the effectiveness of communication in caregivers to improve patient satisfaction. Better alerting from Rauland responder 4 helps you provide the patients with the appropriate service. Alerting technology allows you to integrate the systems with mobile devices. If you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency in your healthcare facility, you need to invest in intelligent software. Through alerting, you can expand the communication infrastructure in your facility.
A meaningful alerting can help your hospital to reduce alarm fatigue, improve patient satisfaction, enhance communication, and track alerts. By increasing all these in your facility, there is no doubt that you will increase the efficiency in your hospital. When there is better communication with all the units in your facility, it leads to better outcomes. Make sure you get a system that is easy to use and improves your productivity.